Thermen Bad Nieuweschans

The purity of the far north, the origin of well-being. You experience it in the thermal baths. Feel the embrace of lovely warm water and float on the power of caring minerals. Dream away at authentic Nordic sauna rituals and let yourself be carried away by soothing wellness. Breath in. Breath out. Just as deep and reviving as the thermal spring. Here you will experience wellness as nature intends.

Water with extraordinary power, 45 years old

Mineral-rich spring water in Groningen, below Nieuweschans? Surely no one believed that? A German researcher knocked on the door of the mayor of Nieuweschans in 1975. He noted that there was ‘medicinal water under Nieuweschans’. At the time, no one believed his story, until it was drilled five years later. And indeed – lying deep at 633 metres – waiting to be discovered turned out to be ‘Heilwasser’. Thermal water, qualified according to the standards of the ‘Deutscher Baderverband’ as iron- and iodine-containing thermal oil with a high calcium and sulphate ion content. The Netherlands’ first thermal spring had thus been discovered.
And, with the ideal temperature of 36 degrees, this discovery is now the powerful source of Thermen Bad Nieuweschans, formerly known as Fontana Nieuweschans.

Cures, relaxation and healthy enjoyment

Relaxing in thermal water from your own spring; that is unique. But above all, very beneficial. The thermal water of our indoor and outdoor pools has a particularly beneficial effect on body and mind and invites you to relax.

The heated spring water is rich in minerals such as salt, magnesium, iodine and bromide. Because of that composition, and because of the warmth and rest you take during a stay at our baths, a visit to our resort can be beneficial for muscle and joint complaints, skin complaints, chronic pain and fatigue. So good for your body and gentle on your mind!

Step-by-step plan


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